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Welcome at QSB-Group

Quality assurance Service Business Consulting

The requirements beyond construction and manufactoring of components are as high as never before. Security and economic efficiency of products and installations - oftenly associated to liability issues - are moreover focussed on. Therefore it is even more important to deal with the characteristics of materials and the operational applications in different environmental conditions.

We are a group of companies with international activities, with branches in Germany, Austria and Norway, who are realising succesfull several complex, sometimes longterm, projects:

  • non-destructive testings

  • mechanical technological examinations

  • chemichal examinations

  • construction surveillance

  • welding supervision

  • welders certification

  • welding-procedure-certification (EPR)

  • documentation

These are the business sections that we are familiar with, national and international:

  • Installation- and machine-construction

  • Automotive industry

  • Building sector

  • Chemical industry

  • Power plants (Gas, Coal, Nuclear)

  • Aviation industry- and ship yards

  • Wast incineration plants

  • Offshore-steel-construction

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Pipiline construction

  • Steel construction
  • Windenergy

Member of DGZfP
ISO 9001:2008 valid for QSB Industrial GmbH & Co. KG and also Schweißtechnik Gentner GmbH
SCC-Zertifikat valid for QSB Industrial GmbH & Co. KG and also Schweißtechnik Gentner GmbH