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QSB Industrial GmbH has mergeded into


Press release: „Conversion and merger of QSB Industrial GmbH into EWIS GmbH“ -Speyer, July 2019-


„Conversion and merger of QSB Industrial GmbH into EWIS GmbH“

-Speyer, July 2019-


In the environment of BKW Engineering, a division of the Swiss concern BKW Energie AG, the companies QSB Industrial GmbH (Speyer), Schweißtechnik Gentner GmbH (Speyer), and EWIS GmbH (Lübeck) have been merged at 17.07.2019 and converted into EWIS GmbH based in Speyer (the locations of all known locations remain unchanged).


The EWIS GmbH (European Material- and Inspectionsservice GmbH, formerly known as EWIS AG) had been founded in 1997 as an MBO from the former central laboratory of ThyssenKrupp in Lübeck and was the latest acquisition of QSB Group in summer 2014. Consequently the range of high professional material inspection services had been extended by accredited mechanical-technological and chemical laboratories to qualify welding personal and procedures as well as performing complex damage surveys and supplier qualifications. At this time EWIS has intensively been involved in Offshore-Steel-Construction with its non-destructive-testing departure and a significant number of reference projects of international operations (partially DAX listed) and moreover a joint-venture in Norway.


The founder of QSB Gruppe, Andreas Liehm, explained the merger as a strengthening of the advancing success story under the EWIS brand as a strong signal of tradition and permanence beside high agility and versatility to the customer needs in their domains within regional, European and international competition.


The company´s culture, which has developed over decades, is based on personal relationships and essentially on professionalism and responsibility towards the customers needs and also in equal proportions towards employees, suppliers and partners. Early on, all companies have established strategies for education, qualification and skills development, which resulted in a variety of accredititions and certifications and offering longterm perspectives towards our employees across all areas, which applies also for our suppliers.

Under the umbrella of EWIS GmbH and the brand EWIS these traditions and strategies will be pooled and aim to an unified and integrated advantage in the relevant markets


EWIS GmbH, as a member of over 30 successful engineering-companies of BKW Engineering in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will perpetuate the current success stories of all former single companies and therefor developing new markets and skills – together with you…



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ISO 9001:2008 valid for QSB Industrial GmbH & Co. KG and also Schweißtechnik Gentner GmbH
SCC-Zertifikat valid for QSB Industrial GmbH & Co. KG and also Schweißtechnik Gentner GmbH